Photo Gallery » Hello World

Personal series of photographs. Some photos from Hello World series are already available as postcards, and may also as T-shirts in the future...

Ghost in the Shell
Golden Times
Tree of Life
Geometry of Light
Fight brightness with darkness
Natural cycle
State of mind
The Doors of Perception
The nearby star
Other universe
I want to fly away
Immortality is not sure
Far away from the market-place and from fame
When it is very sad, like a sunset
Go to another level
Infinity ...
Something must die, to give life
Face of Nature
Other World
Storm season start
Way of Life... I can only see a little bit and it's unclear ..
The two? dimensions
When nature dies, the people die
Hurricane, Tatra Mountains
End of the World is coming...
Artificial world, artificial people
Exercises on the ball
Still Life I
Yin and Yang
Water in Fire
The magic of nature
Flying - repeating dream...
Cloud Eagle
Out of this World
Every End is new Beginning
Natural sculpture
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